Voice Services

Local Savings Plans:

To today’s businesses, cutting costs is key. Digital Management Solutions can work with your business to identify areas where there are potential savings in your communications expenses. Through our unlimited free bill review service, we are able to determine the best way for your company to see value and savings on your communications services. DMS will work with your company to find a savings plan through AT&T that will give you the most for your money, and support your business needs today and in the future. Since DMS is compensated by AT&T, there is no cost to you for our services, just the added benefit of having a partner you can trust to help manage your communications expenses.

  • AT&T Custom Biz Saver

    AT&T Custom Biz Saver is a business line and feature package that is available to business customers with 1-10 business access lines. The Custom Biz Saver plan includes a bundled monthly price for your business access lines, local calling usage and a select group of popular features. By committing to a Custom Biz Saver package, AT&T will provide you with a low fixed monthly rate for all the services that keep your small business connected.

  • AT&T Business Essentials

    AT&T Business Essentials is an aggressively priced local calling package for small to medium sized businesses with 3-30 Business Lines. With the Essentials plan, your company can receive your business lines, unlimited local calling and caller ID with name for a flat low monthly rate. The Essentials plan also has an option to “bolt-on” an additional feature package that would allow you features including call forwarding and off-site transfer of calls. If your local service is not currently with AT&T you can also receive special one-time bonus credits for coming to AT&T for your local phone service.

  • AT&T Simple Link

    The AT&T Simple Link plan is a savings plan that is designed for a business customer who spends between $45 and $200 per month for their local voice services. With the AT&T Simple Link package you will receive a low bundled monthly price for your business access lines with caller ID, as well as a discount on any additional features and all of your local call usage.

  • AT&T Complete Link 2.0

    The AT&T Complete Link 2.0 plan is a savings plan that is designed for business customers who spend a minimum of $1200 per year with AT&T. The Complete Link 2.0 plan will reward your annual spending with AT&T by giving you a greatly discounted rate on your business access lines, local usage and any calling features you may have. The AT&T Complete Link plan can show you a monthly savings of 20% or more over the rack rate for the services that your business already has and uses every day. This plan is ideal for a business customer with multiple locations or multiple services through AT&T since Complete Link 2.0 is based on your overall annual spending for AT&T local voice services.