Data Solutions


WAN Solutions:

Every company has data – and usually lots of it. How does your data work for you? Digital Management Solutions has the support your company needs to make your data work. Your WAN network can provide you with more than just a way to get your data from one place to another – it can increase productivity, provide disaster recovery and save you money and time. DMS can consult with you to determine your network requirements and provide you with a fast, stable and reliable network through AT&T. In conjunction with our AT&T engineers and technical resources, DMS will also provide you with technical support that will keep your company connected.


    AT&T MPLS is an IP enabled WAN network that will provide your company with the privacy and security of a Frame Relay or ATM Network, but will also provide the any to any connectivity and routing flexibility typical of an IP Network. AT&T MPLS is not only a cost effective solution for data transfer between multiple sites but MPLS can also provide (COS/QOS) over the network, which gives the ability to make high quality voice calls between the locations.

  • AT&T Private Line / Point to Point

    With an AT&T Private Line your company will enjoy dedicated, secure connectivity between two sites. AT&T Private Line service is available in speeds such as 56K, Fractional T1, Full T1,DS3, OC3 and more. With AT&T Private Line service you can connect your locations whether they are local, across the US and even internationally

  • AT&T OPT-E-MAN & GigaMAN

    AT&T OPT-E-MAN and GigaMAN are Ethernet based products that are available to customers who are served from any of AT&T's nationwide Ethernet POP’s. OPT-E-MAN and GigaMAN can provide ultra high-speed connections for your business and can be used for a variety of purposes such as inter-office connectivity or connectivity to the Internet.

  • AT&T Frame Relay

    AT&T Frame Relay is a packet based transport service that can be used for connectivity between multiple locations. Since frame relay technology is not a mileage based service, it can provide a lower cost option for connecting sites that are a great distance apart. Frame relay is scalable to meet data needs from the low bandwidth user to sites that require high speed connectivity. Frame relay is also ideal for customers who have “bursty” traffic patterns and need flexibility in their connections.

  • AT&T Sonet

    AT&T Sonet service is a fiber-based product that can provide connectivity over fiber between multiple sites in a metropolitan area or from your site directly to the AT&T central office. With connectivity between sites, your company can enjoy high speed, stable and reliable transmission over fiber either point to point or as a Sonet Ring for redundancy. With a connection to the AT&T central office, you would be able to provide access for all of your AT&T data services to be brought into your site over one fiber connection thereby simplifying network management and reducing local access loop costs.


    AT&T VPN Tunneling Service or AVTS is the perfect solution for companies that have a mixture of users at multiple sites. With AVTS, your company can create a WAN network to include everyone from your headquarters, smaller branch offices, and work-at-home employees. With telecommuting becoming increasingly common in today’s businesses, your employees can have the benefit of being on your LAN network while operating from a remote location or even from home.


    AT&T Virtual Private LAN Service or VPLS, is evolving into the next &in& technology. AT&T defines VPLS as any-to-any Ethernet that can be either metro or long haul. VPLS allows enterprises to scale bandwidth needs for various sites and applications and is a good fit for customers who require meshed connectivity and want to control and manage routing.