Voice Services


Digital Management Solutions is a full service Solution Provider for the complete line of Local Voice Services through AT&T. By choosing DMS as your consultant for your business voice needs, you will receive a full analysis of your current services including unlimited free bill reviews, needs analysis, and implementation support for any of the AT&T voice product sets. The support that you receive is included free of charge with the purchase of Voice Service through AT&T. Your DMS Sales and Support team can become your single point of contact in dealing with AT&T. You will no longer need to navigate the world of the AT&T call centers and 800 numbers for your services if you have a question or issue, allowing you more time for your business.

  • Business Access Lines (POTS)

    AT&T Business Access Lines (POTS lines) are the most basic form of dial tone used by the business world today. POTS lines can serve a variety of needs from voice calling to fax lines, modem service, alarm line connections and even backup for other higher end services. AT&T provides a variety of Local Savings Plans for reduced rates and calling features that can provide cost savings and other advantages to Business Line customers.

  • Centrex Service

    AT&T Centrex service is a Business Access Line service that includes an additional set of features and functions that are not available with POTS service. Centrex service is an ideal solution for business customers who need the ability to call between multiple sites or to transfer calls to an off-site location but do not have the infrastructure in their phone system. AT&T Centrex service makes additional voice service features available to business customers at an affordable price.

  • ISDN PRI (Prime)

    AT&T ISDN PRI (Prime) service can provide your business with a streamlined method of handling your incoming and outbound voice calls. With ISDN Prime you will receive a dedicated T1 for voice calling that can route your calls through your phone system and to your end users. AT&T PRI also provides the benefit of DID numbers so that employees within your company can have access to a dedicated phone number without requiring their own business access line. ISDN PRI is of great advantage to business customers who have 10 or more business lines, who are implementing new PBX equipment at their site or who require each employee to have their own unique telephone number.