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VOIP Services:

Digital Management Solutions will keep you ahead of the game in the ever changing telecommunications industry. No matter what industry you’re in, there is always a new technology, such as voice over IP (VoIP), that can help improve your company’s efficiency and provide additional benefits to your business. At DMS, we strive to make sure that our customers are made aware of any new technology that becomes available. Our highly trained sales and support staff is always here to consult with you on the newest technology from AT&T and to discuss with you how that technology could be applied to your business. DMS is your partner for success.

  • AT&T IP Flex

    AT&T IP Flex is a dynamic converged voice and data service that delivers integrated access for businesses with Key Systems, TDM PBX and IP PBX environments. This managed voice over IP solution supports inbound and outbound voice calling on the AT&T Internet backbone giving you local, domestic, and international reach for your business. Optional features, such as IP Toll Free, give your business advanced routing, call redirection and announcement capabilities for your Toll Free applications. With the AT&T IP Flex solution, you can gain the efficiency and economic benefit of network convergence for your business.

  • AT&T Voice DNA

    AT&T Voice DNA is a fully managed network-hosted communications solution utilizing the AT&T Global MPLS Network to deliver enhanced voice and data service that can give your business the competitive edge. Because AT&T Voice DNA serves as a hosted IP PBX, it eliminates the need for a PBX or IP PBX on your premises. Flexible features and calling plans can include local, long distance, and international calling capabilities which allows you to tailor your voice DNA service to meet your company’s communication needs. AT&T Voice DNA also includes easy to use web-based tools to provide your administrators with centralized management of your service across your network.